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January 14, 2021

Why CoreIoT

1. Synchronized Development Process

The design theory of CoreIoT integrates the creation of the product and antenna into one continuous integrated operation.

At the same time as product creation, antenna design begins. From the start, the specifications for the antenna are taken into consideration and the product model, including the antenna, is designed as one complete, integral system.

The joint team can respond quickly to changes and consider the new necessities promptly in each aspect. We can direct you to settle on the right choices from the earliest starting point of the cycle to dodge different expensive pitfalls identified with, e.g., product variants, SAR-limits, and certifications.

Partnering together with CoreIoT is simple. We have a long involvement with developing wireless products, one next to the other with organizations around the world. In this way, we communicate in a similar language as your team!


Stand apart from the opposition with superior wireless performance, quicker an ideal opportunity to-showcase, and decreased expenses! CoreIoT’s synchronized product and antenna development process takes wireless performance into account from the beginning and evades expensive and tedious cycles.

Antenna Design and simulation


Simulation-Driven Agile Development

Different solution variants can be easily tested with CoreIoT’s simulation-driven antenna design to select the one that provides your product with the optimal wireless performance. We can filter out the sub-optimal design choices early in the process with simulations and minimize expensive prototype rounds. Typically, if tested with simulations, the first prototype performs as planned. Wireless efficiency can also be estimated with models with respect to legislation and certifications. In addition, we can foresee how the output of the antenna would affect mechanical components, structures, and metal and how the system would act in diverse conditions, such as when cast in concrete, submerged in water, buried underwater, or near a human body.


The agile simulation-driven antenna architecture of CoreIoT speeds up the process of production, minimizes test rounds, cuts costs, mitigates risks and helps you to launch a great wireless device on time!


Wide expertise in wireless product creation beyond the antenna

In designing wireless devices with a holistic approach, CoreIoT has deep, in-depth know-how, considering the device and antenna as a fully integrated framework.

We also collaborated with a wide variety of companies and sectors, including human and animal wearables, audibles, mission-critical gadgets, trackers, IoT sensors, gateways, and tablets, and more, as well as other product forms on the market. With many fields, such as mechanics, circuitry, screens, and audio, we work effortlessly. So, we understand what makes or breaks a wireless product – beyond the antenna.

In all sorts of RF environments worldwide, wireless devices with the antenna architecture of CoreIoT are used-on-body, underwater, water, automobile, aircraft, aerospace, and everything in between. The systems run from the low frequencies up to the peak 5G mmWave bands on all frequency bands.


CoreIoT, the team with the world’s broadest expertise of antenna architecture, leads you easily to the best approach by eliminating traditional mistakes and minimizing construction costs and BoM antenna.


World’s Most Creative Antenna Talents’ Squad

Accelerate the learning curve for wireless product growth by collaborating with CoreIoT! The talent squad opens up access to the world’s most advanced and of-depth know-how in wireless product development, which has been acquired internationally in hundreds of projects.

For certain clients, the pure understanding about what would succeed and where there might be a pitfall has saved time and money. To minimize development lead times, risks and project costs, we use the latest design software and quality assurance tools. Our team has an established track record of groundbreaking ingenious antenna solutions that are difficult to create where anything better wouldn’t do, helping our clients to launch global blockbuster products against all odds! In a day, we can repair an issue or find a solution, which will normally take weeks.


Accept no wireless efficiency compromise – make your next product epic with CoreIoT, the most imaginative antenna production team in the country, and optimize your margin!


Antenna Design Quality Assurance

The typical project management model of CoreIoT guarantees that your project meets high-quality working practices; it is delivered on schedule and under the budget, thus maintaining everyday job creativity.

In every project, our field-proven project team configuration is identical:

  • Our team keeps the timetables and budgets under check and encourages open and proper coordination with all members of the team.
  • Our team practices hands-on design.
  • Our team oversees the operational execution, supervises the big picture and leads the team to the most burning decisions.
  • and our team guarantees that the product is provided with the new in-depth know-how, regardless of whether it uses Cellular, Bluetooth, Sigfox, LoRa, RFID, WiFi, or GPS.


With CoreIoT, grow your wireless product and relax! Our Quality Assurance design guarantees excellent finishing and a timely launch of the product while maintaining the budget within limits.


Leading 5G mmWave Antenna Design Experience

We are ready to help you build commercial 5G systems, facilitate the dynamic development process, and incorporate 5G mmWave into multi-radio equipment.


Partner with CoreIoT and gain immediate access to the leading 5G mmWave antenna design expertise! Get a head start in the sprint to launch 5G mmWave products!


CoreIoT Lab – World-Class Facilities and Tools

CoreIoT Lab delivers world-class in-house capabilities before joining the official testing to pre-verify wireless results. We will expose the possible problem areas in the CoreIoT Lab, easily make changes, and ensure that your product passes the official checks successfully. During R&D, the in-house laboratory is at your service at any moment.


Welcome to Lab CoreIoT! The world-class in-house infrastructure is still at your side. Pre-verify compliance in advance with specifications, legislation, and certifications, and resolve issues to guarantee effective entry to the market.