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August 25, 2021

ASIC verification and validation services

For first-pass silicon, verification is a must to uncover any corner cases in the design, so that there are no re-spins.  We save money and time for the companies in saving re-spins. When it comes to time to market, verification plays a vital role. With our expertise with the latest verification methodology UVM, we deliver with quality to meet your time lines

We have expertise in all the major EDA tools such as Synopsys, Mentor, Cadence simulation.

We provide a comprehensive range of ASIC verification services helping our customers achieve working silicon the first time around. We work with your design team (FPGA engineers, Microelectronics engineers) in order to verify your designs (IP, systems, sub-systems).

We have expertise in the following but are not limited to…

  •  IP verification services
  • System and chip verification
  • Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)
  • System Verilog assertions
  • Coverage driven verification
  • Gate level simulations, bring up and de-bug
  • Test benches from scratch
  • High-speed standard protocals
  • VIP verification
  • Verification planning, feature extraction, capturing functional coverage and checkpoints

Why us…

We have consolidated experience of 30 years in verification with expertise in all major simulation tools, bug tracking, first-pass silicon.

How can we help you

We can …

  • design a turn-key solution right from the specification till the coverage closure.
  • do coverage driven verification
  • write everything from spec to coverage closure, according to our customer wishes.

We Place

  • Consultants / Contractors
  • Full-time Employees
  • Contract-to-Hire