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UWB Antenna & System design

UWB antenna design, simulation, and testing.

We use state of the art simulation software to design and simulate antenna performance according to customer requirements. Some of the antenna performance parameters we optimize are:

  • Antenna gain
  • Antenna impedance matching across different bands
  • Antenna 2D, 3D radiation pattern.

System ground plane size plays a vital role in achieving the best antenna radiation pattern in the UWB frequencies. We optimize system ground plane dimensions to get the optimal radiation pattern of the antenna.

UWB system design

Through our partner network, Sharpeye systems, we can offer a total system design as follows:

  • UWB application, implementation, and specification support
  • UWB protocol and SW support
  • UWB radio HW (LNA, PA, Filtering, layout, circuit selection) support
  • UWB PCB layout design

Delivery includes an agreed design block, technology selections, and layout implementation.

We have extensive experience in implementing UWB real-time location systems. Here are some of our achievements:

  • Implementation of two Scientific UWB Research Programs (For TrafiCom and MML )
  • Implemented several UWB product projects
  • Implemented 10 different UWB radio PWB’s
  • Evaluated and characterized 8 different UWB antenna solutions : Omni-directional / Wall mount / Vehicle roof mount / Several Directional models / Direction of Arrival System / Virtual fence system
  • Over 100k lines of own UWB related code
  • Granted UWB related U.S. Patent

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