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January 14, 2021

Our Facilities

CoreIoT Lab delivers world-class in-house capabilities to pre-verify wireless results before joining the official testing. We will expose the possible problem areas in the CoreIoT Lab, easily make changes, and ensure that your product successfully passes the official checks. During R&D, the in-house laboratory is at your service at any moment.


Welcome to Lab CoreIoT! The world-class in-house infrastructure is still at your side. Pre-check compliance in advance with standards, legislation, and certifications, and address issues to ensure performance.

Wireless Performance Benchmarking

Based on the product and competition, you need to follow some performance standards from regulators and network providers when you are releasing the product. However, when they compare your offering to your competitors, you will need to meet the needs of your consumers. We have benchmark results for cellular coverage that your system can be tested to.

Antenna Measurement Facilities at CoreIoT

CoreIoT has a wide range of professional tools for carrying out all antenna measurements and a fully-equipped anechoic chamber with an over-the-air (OTA) measurement setup. Our anechoic chamber provides a stable environment to measure wireless performance – anytime!

ETS AMS 8050 Antenna anechoic chamber
● Frequency: 700 MHz – 10 GHz
● Size (2.59 x 1.52 x 1.82 meters
● 3D radiation pattern measurement
● Own rotation system for UHF RFID
● Measurement software ETS Lindgren EMQuest
● Passive (with cable) measurements: antenna efficiency, gain, radiation pattern in
CW mode
● Active measurements: generic radiated power measurement, WLAN, Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G, BT

OTA Measurement Setup

Our OTA measurement setup consists of these equipments:

  • Rohde & Schwarz Test Receiver ESI26
  • Keysight vector network analyzer E5071C
  • Anritsu Signal Analyzer MS2692A
  • Agilent vector network analyzer E5071C

RF Material Measurement Setup

  • SPDR fixture for material measurement

Why Hire a Pro for Antenna Measurements?

With antennas, verification is everything. A wireless product with a poorly performing antenna can interfere with other devices, degrade performance, and harm users. On the other hand, a product with sub-standard RF performance can fail the certification test, and cannot be launched commercially.

With accurate, professionally conducted Antenna Measurements, you can avoid risks, reduce development costs, and save time! That’s why you should work with experienced antenna and RF specialists! That’s CoreIoT!

Our Expertise in Antenna Measurements

Since 2016, CoreIoT’s antenna experts have successfully delivered more than 100 antenna and RF projects and helped more than 60 companies in all things antenna. With years of combined antenna design and product development experience, we can help you with a broad range of antenna measurement projects, from antenna return loss to antenna pre-certification testing.

Antenna simulation is our core tool. CoreIoT has a verified record of excellent correlation between simulations and measurements. We can easily test various solutions and derive the best performance for the given industrial design, regardless of its restrictions. We can minimize the number of prototyping rounds to provide you with the fastest time to market and reduced costs.

Contact us in case of any Antenna Measurement project!