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Antenna Design and simulation

Antenna Design and Simulations

Antenna and the Radio Frequency (RF) solutions for today’s wireless products have dramatically evolved and have become the customized models to suit the client’s specific requirements. In this transition, the antenna is the most crucial component which could ensure robust RF performance and enhanced user experience. The process involved in designing an antenna is a challenging[…]

RF material characterization

Precise electric characterization of plastics/ceramics/polymer composites used in wireless devices at GHz frequencies is of utmost importance for antenna / EMC designers. Having known accurate material parameters helps in getting precise simulation results, thus avoiding unnecessary multiple prototyping rounds. Plastic resin manufacturers can use this high-frequency data in their datasheets, making their products more attractive,[…]

5G mmWave antenna array design

The high performance phased array antennas are a key enabler in the fifth-generation (5G) communications at millimeter-waves, promising gigabit data to multiple users with low latency. CoreIoT Technologies are specialized in the design and simulation of millimeter-wave phased antenna array designs using specialized PCB technologies. Antenna arrays in these mmWave frequency ranges (approx. 24 –[…]

UWB Antenna & System design

UWB antenna design, simulation, and testing. We use state of the art simulation software to design and simulate antenna performance according to customer requirements. Some of the antenna performance parameters we optimize are: Antenna gain Antenna impedance matching across different bands Antenna 2D, 3D radiation pattern. System ground plane size plays a vital role in[…]

Transmission line design & PCB layout files review

Designing and implementing an RF transmission line is crucial for successfully implementing the PCB board for RF or wireless devices. Selecting an appropriate impedance range, designing for stack-up and production tolerances, minimizing parasitic losses, and selecting an appropriate transmission line type are all parameters that need to be understood and controlled. It is often noticed[…]